четвртак, 17. април 2014.

Brides get ready for the wedding bouquets.
I am fan of natural/real flowers, so I couldn't keep my bouquet, but if you wanna save yours you should pick something else like this bouquets from 
And something else important, they are quite cheap.
So, go and check the TBdress.com for this lovely bouquets and other things you need for your wedding day.

петак, 07. март 2014.

I'm sure I mention how many amazing dresses you can find here
so it's about the time to check the TBdress.com if you didn't do that yet.
It's not all about cocktail and special occasion dresses, here you can find all you need to dress up.
Since it's  sale time I know you will find something great and cheap at the same time.
Wedding, graduation, or any other special event is great excuse for buying a new dress.
Anyway, even if you don't have the reason check out the site and pick your favorite one, just in case, you never know.