четвртак, 18. децембар 2014.


December is all about increasing your shopping trips and getting ready for the New Years Eve. Brands, online and in-store helps you out here by hosting lots of sales and bringing out new trends at the same time. If you are lucky and quick, you have high chances of grabbing the best deals. 
To all you shopping addicts and fashion lovers out there, this post is just to help you further. I do hope you find what you looking for and have fun while at it. 
I would like to reccomend you ERICDRESS ( http://www.ericdress.com/ ) web store. They have everything to dress up, from casual to formal and wedding.
Since we have to be prepared for winter go to ericdress and check out some cheap trendy overcoats http://www.ericdress.com/list/cheap-outerwears-101886/
This is the way how to be trandy for small amount.
To be honest I have never bought any coat online because I want to be sure that they are well made, made of leather and warm . But I sure have experience with other  pieces.
According to my experience with china clothes they are usually well made and quite comfy (depands of the model) . At the end it's all about expectations. That is the first thing that I say when somebody ask me about China online stores. I have never been disappointed because I never expected too much, more often I was pleasent surprised.
Just be real you want get leather shoes for 15$, but if you want buy shoes for some special occasion the pair the you wouldnt't wear that often you should definitely get at least one pair.

среда, 03. децембар 2014.


If you are a e lady, and you are looking for the cheap  wedding dresses of  DRESSWE.com  I might have solution for you.
Here you can also find some cheap wedding shoes of Dresswe.com 
Beside big discount  wedding dresses here you will find  cocktail and special occasion dresses.
Since it's wedding season I'm sure you need at least one dress, so Dresswe will be great place for you. Even if  you are a plus size maybe you think that there is no pretty dresses for you are maybe you looking just for long dresses but here you can also find plus size short wedding dresses that can also be so pretty and cool and so beautiful, and I would say unusual. The long  wedding dresses are so usual that the short one will be so refreshing and great choice. If you are interested in buying dress from www.dresswe.com or any other similar site I would recommend you to do that. From my personal experience I am so satisfied that now I am sorry because I did not order my wedding dress. If you have any questions you can ask seller anything and I am sure that they will help you. If you are worried about photos on the site (you suspect that they are not real) you can always ask seller to send you real photo or example of the lace or details. I never ordered anything complicate to saw or with many details because I wasn't sure about the quality, so if you want to be sure you should looking for simple dresses (if seller doesn't have real photo or refuse to send you some), that is my advice.
Anyway, even if you don't have any special reason check out the store  and pick your favorite one, just in case, you never know. Of course you don't have to look only special dresses, on the site they have all to suit you for your special day from head to toe.

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Every girl wants to look attractive and beautiful in front of her husband so that they could do romance together. Therefore, in the wedding night, usually people wear Deep V Bust and Back Double Hem Silk Cami Set for attracting the husband. There are many types of silk cami sets available in the local and online market that you can find out by doing the searches. As far as the online website of these silk cami sets is concerned, it is the most preferable way for people to purchase the cloths from there, such as www.casasilk.com

You can find easily bundles of website, who are offering free shipping and free returns and along with they are offering free size customization. If you are slim or fat, then you can make these silk cami sets according to your requirement. You just need to select the product and put it into your shopping cart and proceed to purchase but do not forget to select the custom size so that they could understand that you want a custom size fitting sexy silk cami and breif set. Thus, complete your payment and send your body sizes to these online websites. They will make custom fit silk cami sets for you so that you could wear at wedding night for doing the romance with your husband.
If you need any additional info READ HERE