уторак, 14. октобар 2014.

Plezir magazin

Počastvovana što sam imala priliku da fotografišem za PLEZIR MAGAZIN  (za sve koji nisu upućeni ,sjajan domaći web magazin) i kažem po koju ''pametnu'' ;)

Intervju i fotke možete čitati OVDE
(strana 59.)

Foto i edit: Jovana Vukotić 
Prelepo čeljade: Milica Berić

недеља, 28. септембар 2014.


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Since it's wedding season I'm sure you need at least one dress, so TBDRESS.COM will be great place for you. Since you are a plus size maybe you think that there is no pretty dresses for you are maybe you looking just for long dresses but here you can also find plus size short wedding dresses that can also be so pretty and cool and so beautiful, and I would say unusual. The long plus size wedding dresses are so usual that the short one will be so refreshing and great choice. If you are interested in buying dress from www.tbdress.com or any other similar site I would recommend you to do that. From my personal experience I am so satisfied that now I am sorry because I did not order my wedding dress. If you have any questions you can ask seller anything and I am sure that they will help you. If you are worried about photos on the site (you suspect that they are not real) you can always ask seller to send you real photo or example of the lace or details. I never ordered anything complicate to saw or with many details because I wasn't sure about the quality, so if you want to be sure you should looking for simple dresses (if seller doesn't have real photo or refuse to send you some), that is my advice.
Anyway, even if you don't have any special reason check out the site and pick your favorite one, just in case, you never know. Of course you don't have to look only special dresses, on the site they have all to suit you from head to toe.

уторак, 09. септембар 2014.


 I'm sure I mention several time how many amazing cheap evening dresses you can find here
so it's about the time to check the www.TBdress.com if you didn't do that yet.
It's not all about cocktail and special occasion dresses, here you can find all you need to dress up.
Since it's  sale time I know you will find something great and cheap evening gowns at the same time.
I actually didn't order anything from TBDRESS.com but according to other similar sites that sells gowns and evening dresses online they are quite good, even better than I expected. Now I'm sorry because I didn't order cheap wedding gown, instead of that I spent 450e for renting one. For that money I could bought anything from this site. It's true that is risk to buy such an important piece of dress from the TBDRESS, especially when you don't see real pics on the site, and you never know what you will get in the bag. At the end if you are not satisfied with your cheap gown you can always rent one. As I said, I am sorry that I did not order one, because all evening dresses that I have looks so nice, and they are made by my size, and made of quality fabrics, the lace is pretty and the pearls also.
Wedding, graduation, or any other special event is great excuse for buying a new evening dress.
Anyway, even if you don't have the reason check out the site and pick your favorite one, just in case, you never know.